The end of another week.  This week was filled with lots of fun, but also lots of learning.  We had our family fun night on Wednesday.  It was the best!  The police came and we got to dress up in their uniform.  They told us all about their job.  The firemen were also there.  It was awesome to see how they go high up on the ladder of their truck.  There was a lot of food stalls and we played lots of fun games.  In our team, we got a "scratchy card" when we introduced our parents to our teachers.  Some of us won 1000 house points!! Some children even won a chocolate bar of a Jolly Rancher.  Miss E bought these in America during her holiday in December.
At our first team assembly for the year, we celebrated all the students who haven't changed their behaviour cards for 2 weeks! There were 28 students who received certificates.  We are aiming for 30 in the next 2 weeks.
We are all very excited about our first cultural week of this year.  Next year we will be celebrating the Chinese culture.  We have only one Chinese student in our school, but we believe that everyone should be proud of their culture.  Mrs Z and her class will host school assembly on Monday and they are doing a Chinese play.  We can't wait!

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