Week 4

Ni Hao!
We found out something very cool this week.  Miss E, and Mrs Z were both born in the year of the ox!
At school this week we have celebrated "Chinese Week".  We have looked at the Chinese culture, learnt how to count to ten in Madarin, and also learnt a really fun song to help us.  Check it out here.

This week we started working in our learning journal books.  Miss E. set up our books to have only one at a time!  Wow that makes it easier to look after than three or four!  The first thing she did was break it up into sections, and she taped in our Flippy Uppy Thing.  This is where we are going to write our current learning goals.  It's really cool, because it flips up and shows us all the time what we are concentrating on.  Only half of us have our goals just at the moment, the rest of us work out ours on Monday, just before we go to camp.  Take a look at what they look like in our photos.  Now we will be reminded of our next steps every time we go to write!

The coloured labels on the side remind us what group we are in
A Flippy-Uppy thing in action

Maths has been great this week.  We have put all our learning about data, tally's, and bar graphs to real life use!  We took all our data from our maths tests with Mrs. Z. and created a display.  Here are some of our awesome posters showing our current learning.
All of our displays
Our Place Value results poster
Our Basic Facts results poster
 From this we have made a goal to work on our basic facts knowledge.  Mrs Z. has helped us by setting up a progress chart for us to help practice our learning.  We each have our names on an ice block stick and when we get 100% on that test we get a sticker on our temperature gauge and we also get to move our stick into the next pocket.

We are heading to camp next week and we are all very excited!  We have been learning about some of the activities we will be doing, and will send an update after we get back!

Miss E. Mrs Z. and the year 6 learners!

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