Week 8

Week 8

Something very exciting is happening at our school.  We are getting a huge shade area over the basketball courts.  It was so exciting to watch they guys put it up.  Miss E and Mrs Z took us out to watch them put the sail up.  While we were watching them, we also looked at the notice boards and learned a few new words like hazardous.  We can't wait to have our first assembly under the shade and we think we might be able to play there on rainy days. 

This week we looked at our individual results for reading, writing and maths.  We used this to set learning goals for the year.  Miss T helped us to set SMART goals. Then we looked at our next steps to achieve our goals.  We are all quite excited to achieve our goals!

In art we are learning to use line and colour to create effect.  Here is some of the art we have done.

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