Alien Invasion, and the First Tee Programme

Tuesdays are fun days in the E-Z class.  The timetable is swapped around slightly and we have maths first up.  Today Miss E worked with a couple of our groups to learn about decimal numbers.  Already we think we have mastered the game!

After morning tea on Tuesdays we usually split into boys and girls and head off to The First Tee.  First tee is a programme that teaches social skills, like honesty, courtesy, and sportsmanship, through the sport of golf.  Mrs Z usually takes the kids out while Miss E teaches literacy to the remaining students.  Today we had a writing sample to do, which proved difficult for some!  I'm always surprised at how hard it is to follow instructions!

The boys worked on their writing samples and finished about 1/2 an hour early.  Not wanting to do something boring we decided to go outside and do something exciting with our spare time.
The challenge - Create an alien being using the sidewalk chalk.
The criteria - Had to be original, and it had to have a story.

Take a look at what was created!

This is my favourite alien.  Very creative use of the four-square game board!

This alien was kicked out of his home planet because his dad was jealous of his good looks.

"Mr Boxer" is here on earth to win all the boxing competitions.

Not to be left out, the girls decided that they would have a dancing competition in their 5 minutes of free time this afternoon.  The squeals and laughter made it sound more like a slumber party than a classroom.

That's the way we do it here in the E-Z class!
Miss E.

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