Basic facts made E-Z!

Knowing your basic facts is such an important part of Maths.  We always tell our students: "If you don't know your basic facts, you will not be able to successfully use the strategies to solve problems."  I found it really hard to motivate students to learn their basic facts and even when they were motivated, they didn't know which ones to learn first.
Have a look at our Basic Facts bulletin board.

As a class, we looked at our data and decided that basic facts was an area we needed to work on.  We made that our class goal.

We then brain stormed ideas of what we can do to achieve our goal.

Every student got an ice-block stick with their name written on to put in the envelope of the facts they were working on (next steps).  When they know the facts, they move their stick to the next envelope and get a sticker on their thermometer.

The facts they need to learn are easily accessible.  I bought a shoe storage hanger from the $2 store.  Inside each pocket are laminated cards with facts and answers as well as fact cards on rings to practise.  They also get a sheet to take home.

Students loved the idea and were more motivated to practise their basic facts.  They also knew exactly which ones to practise.  We have lots of students asking to come in at playtime to practise with a buddy!!

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