Book Week!

I love book week.  It's the only time of the year when grown adults can go to work dressed in costume.  Sure you can have parties and go to the 7's dressed up - But we got to dress up today and go to work!

Our awesome literacy/library team along with the student council have worked really hard to create a Dr Seuss themed book week.  We have had people from the community come in to school to read to all the classes.  The year 7/8 team even had a famous actor come in!  Lucky!!

In the E-Z class, we were quite spoilt, and so far have had three readers come in.

Paul from Ports of Auckland reading to us!

The even better part of Book Week is the competition aspect.  Miss E is TOTALLY competitive, and loves to win.  So we have done our very best to win every competition.  The teachers in the Tui team - year 5/6 teachers all dressed up as the 101 Dalmations.  We even have a Cruella Deville!

Don't we look amazing!
The other competition is to share our response to "The Cat in the Hat".  This could be ABSOLUTELY anything.  We could create a book, make a giant bookmark, make a movie - Anything.  In the E-Z class we decided to create a book where each person had their own page to decorate.  We took photos using the app cartoon camera  (or here for apple).  Then we printed them off and gave each student a page to decorate how ever they wanted.  We suggested they might write their favourite Dr Seuss quote, or book.  Check out the final product below.  We are all anxiously waiting to find out the winners!  We think we are in with a chance to win!

Bring on the win!

Each kid having their own response - Now that's what I call E-Z!

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