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We're pretty new to this blogging business, but we do want to get some people to follow us!  SOOO for the first time I'm going to try and link up with other blogs and follow some other people!  To all those already in the blogosphere - I'm truly sorry if I have done this wrong!  Bear with me.

ANY WAY.  I've just linked up with Bloglovin and from what I can see, it is great!  Every blog you are following is there on your homepage, a bit like the old facebook.  You can click on the links and it takes you straight to the actual post, and what's better, it marks when you've read something!  If you're anything like me this is great - I always forget what I've done and end up feeling like "haven't I read this already?"

So Tori has all the info that I'm still getting my head around!  I don't have a wonderful TPT store, so can't give anything away.  But I will promise to follow every blog that follows me! YAY.

Follow us here at The E-Z Class on Bloglovin (I hope!)

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