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Today marks the start of our inquiry projects.  12 groups, each with four kids in each, set out to tackle some of the big questions in their learning.  We have focssed our learning this term on the concept of "Cause and Effect".  This is a HUGE area of learning to cover, so we focussed our ideas down to Natural Disasters.  With the ongoing saga in Christchurch with the earthquakes, and the tornadoes that have affected Oklahoma and Texas, there have been plenty of real life examples to inspire and promote learning.

Armed with the marking rubric, a computer, a new research notebook, and their brains, our groups have embarked on what will be an exciting journey into the world of disasters.  Hopefully their presentations don't end up that way!!  I'm sure they wont.

It's always hard as a teacher to let the kids go.  I feel almost redundant as I watch the kids exploring what they want to learn.  I've given them as much guidance as I can, but it is still hard not to jump in and "save" them from making a mistake as they go about this journey of discovery.  I've taught them all the skills they need, they have the necessary resources, and their brains are definitely tuned in to the right channel.  All I can do is let them fly!  Here's to me letting go and letting them have a go!

They're finding it E-Z, me not so much...

Miss E

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