I've been away sick most of this week but as is the nature of school - life goes on!  Without the E in the EZ class, the kids have been learning about Matariki - Maori New Year. Check out what wikipedia has to say.
Basically it's the time of the year when Matariki, the 7 sisters constellation (also known as Pleiades) is visible in the night sky.  Like other cultural new years celebrations, Matariki is filled with festivals and feasts.  Hangi is eaten (a traditional Maori feast cooked underground) and kites are flown.

Along with this our school had a powhiri yesterday (a traditional welcome with waiata (singing), haka (chants), and whaikorero (speeches)).  We had this powhiri because another school was visiting some of our classes.  Our kids were amazing and it was great to see them displaying so much pride in sharing aspects of their culture.

Kai pai tamariki ma (Well done children)!

Miss E.

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