My Goodness it's June!

As I read other blog posts of teachers I'm following, I can't help but feel sad!  As most of you are in the U.S. you are heading towards several glorious weeks of summer. While I've spent the day in bed after nursing the flu I've had for two weeks :(.
Haven't blogged in a while as I've found my new favourite site -!  The writing we have had from our year 6's has been awesome, especially considering they are now writing of their own free will (A literacy teachers secret joy).
We are now half way through term two, with the start of Winter now officially upon us, it's all down hill from here.  Lots of learning still to happen, but at the same time we are surely getting there one day at a time!
My aim for the rest of this term - get back on here!!
 Until then!

Miss E

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