Photography Scavenger Hunt

With half the EZ class away at a sports tournament today, we took the opportunity to have a "fun" day.  Our art focus this term is Photography, so what better way to learn some photography skills than a photography scavenger hunt!  While I type away, the kids are busy arranging their photos onto Powerpoint or Photostory3.  Neither of which is the most effective platform for sharing their photos, but as it is all we have they will have to do!

The kids were given a camera in each group - we had 6 to go around.  They were also given a list of 20 objects to find and photograph.  The requirements were to be as creative as possible.  As the kids were going around taking their photos I gave them pointers on how to take better photos.  

Also on the scavenger hunt were all the letters of the alphabet.  I challenged them to find the letters as they could see them out there in the wide world - without cheating and finding the letter in print of course!

Some of their photos are awesome! I am always amazed at how creative children can be, especially when few restrictions are placed on them!


Water/The Letter A

Wood/The Letter X

Furniture/The Letter Q

Clouds/The Sun


Keeping it EZ, even with technology!

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