Science in a van!

WOOOWWW exciting things happened in the E-Z class today!  Because of our "cause and effect" learning this term, Mrs Z booked in the Science in a Van guys.
Check out their blog here.

Alan and Emily taught us all about solids, liquids, and gasses.  We were introduced to the periodic table of elements, and they even tipped water on Miss E's head!  Well kind of...
Demonstrating the properties of a solid

All things are made up of material


Demonstrating an experiment with vinegar and baking soda

What happened to the gas in the hot can when it was dunked  in the cold water?

Non-Newtonian fluid 

Miss E about to have water poured on her head! 
Lucky there were polymers in that water and not a drop hit Miss E's head!  

Thanks Science in a van!  We enjoyed learning with you.  Hopefully we can see you again some time!


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