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As someone who LOVES the arts, I'm always looking for exciting ways to incorporate art and/or music into the daily routine.  Music has so many benefits that it is crazy more people don't use it!

Top 5 reasons why I love music

1.  Music brings people together!  No matter where you come from, no matter what you believe, music has a way of breaking down barriers.

2.  Music gets your brain working. This is your brain on music is a book I have started reading hundreds of times, but never made it all the way through.  Not because it is boring, but because it just blows me away each time I read the next bit!  It is crazy the science behind how your brain reacts to music.

3.  Music makes you smart.  Learning an instrument can help in SOOOO many different ways.  These guys say it better than I could summarise, 18 Benefits of learning an instrument.

4.  Music can make you happy.  That feeling you get when listening to music and you get "chills" or "goosebumps" is actually your body releasing the chemical dopamine into your system.

5.  Music is fun.  It makes learning fun, and makes exercise fun.  It's an enjoyable thing, and we should all put a little bit more of it into our lives.


Here are some E-Z ways to add music to your teaching programme.

1.  Have a clean up song.  Programme it into your computer to play at a set time.  You wont have to worry about the time, and your kids will do a quicker job of tidying up.  My favourite clean up song is William Tell.

2.  Play soft violin and flute music in the background when your class is reading (or even when you are reading to your class).  It can help to calm them down and keep them focussed on what they are doing.

3.  During maths time, the music you play can be more upbeat/can even have words.  Because Maths used numbers and less words, it is ok to have songs playing. (In my opinion at least any way)

3.  Sing!  Find easy, appropriate songs to sing with your class.  It's makes a fun way to start a day, and gets the kids into a learning frame of mind from the get go.

4.  Invest in a ukulele.  Not only are they an easy (and nicer sounding instrument) to teach than a recorder is, they are easier to play.  Most kids songs can be played with only 3 chords.  Check out Dr Uke for a tonne of ukulele songs.

Let me know how you use music in your class!  I'd love to hear your E-Z solutions.

Miss E.

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