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One of my biggest frustrations as a teacher has always been the first 10-15 minutes of the day.  You have kids coming at you from all directions with money for various things.  Parents pop in and need to talk to you, and in my experience, grab the parents while you can!  Meanwhile you have different admin things to do, the roll, lunches, etc.  It can get quite chaotic if you don't have a system!  I don't like having the kids sitting on the mat unless I have them there for a specific reason - namely I'm teaching them something.

I've had years when I start the day singing (and I'm still a great believer in this!) but this year it hasn't worked out that that is a possibility.  In the E-Z class, even though we are team teaching, unfortunately we are in two separate rooms next to each other.  This means we spend from 9-920 in our own rooms, doing the above tasks, and then come together for our day of learning.  It has worked well, but I still hate the idea of the kids not using that 20 minutes as some kind of learning experience!  Who says they can't be learning while I call the roll, or sort through the money that is coming in for our trip to MOTAT next week?

Each morning we have 5 questions written on the board (or in a powerpoint if I am on to it!).  These questions are generally based on what we have been learning.  A maths strategy questions, or a reflection from what the learning was the day before.  It's Book Week this week so Mrs Z has some questions today based on books.  It's an E-Z way to have the kids actively learning from the second they get in the class.
On Friday we have a fun activity for the kids to complete.  A wordsearch, or a spot the difference, the possibilities are endless!

It has made the mornings a lot less stressful! It means that I can call the roll, and collect money, and talk to any kids I need to without the rest of the class sitting around making a nuisance of themselves.

The kids are each given a morning work book that they can decorate. 

We give them 5 questions a day, but really you could do as many as you wanted.

During Samoan Cultural week we had an arty Friday activity

A Friday activity, taken from the internet.

Even on the last day of the term we make them work!

An example of some of the questions we have used.
How do you manage your students in the morning?  Do you have any special routines that make your life E-Z?
(If you would like a copy of the template we used for the morning work books, send an me email and I will send it out to you!)

Miss E.

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