Ahhh and tunes tuesday

I tried to make my blog look cool tonight - I feel like I've not quite got there!  Hmmm might have to have another go in the morning!

On a more exciting note!!  I've just found something that is sooooooo   ooooooo  oooooo AWESOME!!  (With a capital O for all you people that know what I'm talking about! haha)
Nick over at Sweet Rhyme Pure Reason has come up with this EPIC idea to use songs to teach grammar skills!  Hmmm as I type this I am seeing that maybe I need to learn some of these skills again too...

So I'm going to link up with him and his sweet deal of a linky party, and I hope heaps of you do the same!  Check out all the info in his post here, and join me for the revolution.

Basically, choose a song and a grammar skill that could be taught/shown through that song.  Next, link up and your kids will love you for it!

Check it out - I for one CAN'T WAIT!! (and neither can my backspace button!)

Miss E

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