Back to school goals - New Zealand style!

Well it's still true that I've just gone back to school, it's just that it was after Winter break, not Summer!

I'm linking up with Jess over at I {heart} Recess to bring you my back to school goals.  We are now OFFICIALLY half way through the school year, and that is both really exciting, and terrifying at the same time!  My students are NOT ready to be big smelly intermediate students, and I am most definitely NOT ready to send them off.  Good thing we still have half a year together.

Here are my goals.

Personal - Well earlier this year I started training for a half marathon that was supposed to happen this Sunday.  That training went down hill fast when I got really sick.  SO I've reset the challenge and I'm going to do a 10k in November.  Better start training again!

Organisation - My desk is a mess 95% of the time.  It's a wonder I can ever get anything done!  I will keep it tidy this term, even if it means I can't leave school till later.

Planning - I've started running workshops instead of guided groups for literacy.  The kids sign up for the workshops they want to attend each cycle.  This makes planning slightly more on the go, but definitely more focussed to actual needs!

Professional - Something I was supposed to have done last term, so I'm a bit behind in my PD this year. If I catch up soon then everything will be all good!

Students - This goes with the workshops, they will NEED independence to be able to cope with this style of teaching and learning.  They are fairly independent as it is, but the more independent they are the better!

Motto - I love laughing, and while this isn't a motto I actually live by, I think that it is something that I should start thinking about as life gets a little bit stressful.  Laughter really is the best medicine - ALWAYS!

The E-Z Class


OOO before I forget - in other exciting news, we're now linked up with instagram!  While there is nothing too exciting there just yet head over and follow us at theezclass - Also leave me a comment with your instaname and I will be sure to follow you! 

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