Happy 4th of July, my very independent American friends!

Today we spent the day on a field trip to MOTAT  (museum of transport and technology).  I was expecting it to be rather boring, that we would look at old cars and trains.  BOY was I wrong!  This place is amazing!  so many cool things to look at and touch, and take in!  Yes there were the old cars and trains, but sooo much more as well.  Next term our inquiry will be based around the concept "Creativity, invention and design" so this trip was our chance to spark the kids imaginations and get them thinking about what they want to discover.

First stop - Tram ride around the museum and the zoo

The E half of the E-Z class

"Hello, operator?"

Trying our hand at typing 

First style of cellphones available in New Zealand

"Say Cheese!"

He's listening to all the conversations up the street on the party line


Young miss carrying the water pails 
I want one of these in our school!!  Next term maybe?

Having fun in the earthquake house

Lock 'em up!

Checking out the OLD fire fighters equipment

I'm not sure what is going on here, but I thought they were trying to copy the men behind them

Old fire engine

Old car

Young Mister asked if I wanted some water for my bottle.  He then laughed really hard when I told him it was a petrol pump.
That was our day!  I'm excited that I have lots of American friends here in NZ.  I'm off to a 4th July party this evening, where we will eat American snacks, and watch "Independence Day" - IF I get my reports done!  Better get on to it!

Miss E.

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