I think I may have a problem...

After reading this post from Teaching with style, I went hunting on Trademe. For those of you in America it's kinda like a cross between a garage sale, Craig's list, and Ebay.  Anyone can post things that they want to sell, and likewise, anyone can buy them!

Now I've wanted a reading/listening post in my classroom for AGES!!  And by that I pretty much mean my entire teaching career.  That's a long time!  Right so this afternoon - after reading, and playing the piano, and having lunch with friends, I got to thinking "If I can get a whole bunch of old iPod's for $1 each, then I can make MY OWN listening post!".

Which is where my addiction problem the fun starts?  I'm currently bidding on about 30 $1 reserve iPod's on trademe.  I don't think I'll win any of them for a dollar, but hey wouldn't that be cool!

I guess time will tell - the auctions don't end until Saturday at the earliest.  Watch this space for an update!


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