Inquiry presentations, the E-Z way! - A linky party!

Another term (just about) over, and Inquiry presentations have all but finished!  This morning our wonderful year 6's showed us just what they had learnt this term in their Natural Disasters "Cause and Effect" unit.

This was really the first time these kids had given us a presentation this way, and while they were a long way from perfect, the kids really did work incredibly hard!  Check out just some of their work below.

This is supposed to be a video, but for some reason it is only showing as a photo.  They are showing the baking soda/vinegar reaction - their topic was volcanoes.

Another video - Tornadoes



Poster and Powerpoint

Basically what we did was put the kids in groups of four.  They chose one partner, then Mrs Z and I put two partners together.  That way they were mixed ability, and gender.  After that we gave them the rubric to follow when they were working.  How they presented their work was totally up to them.  They could do a poster, a powerpoint, a play - The possibilities were endless.  What they produced were very similar - Powerpoints or posters.  Our principal came and watched a few, and while she thought the kids did a great job, we both agreed that they weren't the most exciting presentations.

Hence the linky party!  I want your ideas please!!
How does your school/class present learning to the class (other than essays)?  Do you have any really cool ways that are maybe interactive, and really inspiring to the other learners?
I'm going to try hosting a linky party.  Please share your ideas for presenting end of topic learning and then link up below!  The more ideas the better I'd say! This learning could be in ANY area - it is not limited to social studies/inquiry.  Link up as many times as you want, just grab the button each time please!


The E-Z Class
Miss E

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