Integrating maths - Creativity, Invention and Design

Ok, the first week of the holidays were taken up by my 12 year old son's rugby.  He played in a representative team. If you didn't already know, rugby is a BIG deal to Kiwi's (and South Africans)!!  I feel very fortunate that I was able to support him every day.

I must admit, I am not ready to think about school and planning yet, but I will have to, sooner or later :(

I love to integrate maths to our topic (concept).  It has been a challenge in the past.  Look what I found for our Creativity, Invention and Design topic.

I think our students are going to have so much fun creating, inventing and designing with the Lego Dacta Technic kits.  I plan to give them one day in a 6 day cycle to work on this.  Watch this space for photo's of our completed projects.

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