It's days like this I love being a teacher!

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I learnt about this little app called Classdojo!  All I can say is "Why didn't I hear about this before now!!"  Day 1, and I have my boys all whipped into shape!  We already have a class management system that works incredibly closely alongside this, so making a slight change was easy enough for half way through the year.  I'm not normally a big fan of changing things halfway through a week, but I was hooked before I even saw the kids this morning so there I went, all changing it up on them!

Anyway, I only had the boys today because we had a field trip to Firmount.  This term we have been incredibly lucky enough to be a part of The First Tee programme.  I love this programme because it teaches the kids about values and morals, all while also teaching them how to play golf.  Now I'm NOT a golfer, but it's definitely a good day when you get to hit things and get away with it!
The girls had the trip too, but they went earlier than the boys.  We split the kids in several different ways, and we are really lucky that our numbers are just about even so that we can go girls and boys.  The boys loved being all competitive with each other, which is not always what the girls want.

Back to Classdojo - Great news, it works on your smart phone so I could track their behaviours away from the class! Made life wonderful!

I definitely LOVE days when the kids make life E-Z, and you get to have fun on a field trip.  This week surely is a week for it, we have another trip on Thursday!  But more about that later.

On the putting green having a go

Firmount has a really cool miniputt course

Each hole is made up to look like a pretend golf course

The kids took turns on each hole

Then they had a go on a real driving range!

This is the best part of The First Tee programme - Hitting the balls as hard as you can!


The boys turn on the green

Thanks Coach Kevin!

Mini Putt

Hole in one

Keep it E-Z!

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