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Every now and then in your life someone comes along who does more for you than you ever realised.   Until they're gone.  I feel eternally blessed that I was a part of one such legacy until earlier this week.
A very dear friend, teacher, mentor, surrogate/honorary mother, careers advisor, and confidant passed suddenly from this world on Tuesday.
While my faith gives me hope for the future, it doesn't ever stop the pain and heart ache we feel in the present.  Please indulge me while I work through it all in this blog post.

As we gear up to head back to school in the morning, my thoughts are with you.  You will forever be remembered by countless students in Taupo for your warm, yet firm teaching style.  All the students who graced Room 23 were your children, for good, bad, or ugly.  The stories you told captured their hearts, minds, and imaginations.
While I was never in your class at school you were still my teacher.  You taught me in ways I think I will keep discovering as I go through life.  I will hold close memories of your laughter and smile, and the way that you could guide me into making a decision all the while making me think that I had come up with it in the first place.  You loved me like a daughter, and scolded me as such on many an occasion.  I will miss being able to share my teaching thoughts with you, as you listened when my parents didn't want to.  I wont remember how you set up your desks, or how organised your planning was.  I wont remember the wall displays you put up, or even the way you taught your lessons.  What will stay with me for all my days is the passion and love you put into teaching, and into every life you encountered.  I know that I would not be the teacher I am today without the support and guidance you gave me, even if it was from afar.

Rest in peace now Bronwyn, your mantle has been passed, and while our hearts are heavy we will take up the challenge.

Every day is a journey, and I plan on taking one today!

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