It's Saturday - And I'm loving this weather

The holidays have officially started, and the weather has come to the party!  I'm sitting in the sun enjoying a hot chocolate, hoping that this weather sticks around for the next couple of weeks!

I just wanted to share something that is an ABSOLUTE love of mine during writing time.  When I first started this blog I intended it to be something that the kids would eventually take over.  I was all lined up to go to a PD course on how to use blogging in your class and was quite excited.  Then the course was cancelled.

While I didn't learn any thing from the course, I think I'm starting to learn HEAPS from my other bloggy friends so it's ok.  I did however glean one piece of information from the course before they cancelled it (I was the only one who signed up!).  What is that one thing I hear you ask?  Why it was KIDBLOG of course!

It's a fun, FREE, (my favourite word), fantastic, and such a great learning tool for students of ALL ages. (OK so I ran out of F words!).  

Step 1 - Sign up
Step 2 - Sign your kids up (just in name only really, they don't need email addresses - Another bonus!)
Step 3 - Get writing.

And that is it!  You as the teacher have complete control over what is posted, as you have to okay everything.  You can bypass this if you want, but it is handy to keep track of who is posting, and what they are posting too.

Top 5 things I love about

1 - It's free.  Have I mentioned that yet?
2 - It was designed by teachers, for teachers.  Which means it makes sense.
3 - It's super easy to use.  All 48 of my students have logins and they more often than not will choose to complete their homework on it.  Easy for them, even easier for us!  We don't have to sift through 48 books on Friday morning.  We can mark as they go and give feedback/forward on their writing instantly.  
4 - You can access it on your smart thingies.  Although I should mention I've not looked for an android version as I only have iStuff
5 - It has motivated all of my students in their writing.  Including the boys - And those kids who HATE writing.  They all love seeing comments from their classmates as they are writing.  

I love that they have an authentic audience for their writing - and authentic editors on hand too!  

That's a SURE FIRE way to keep writing (and homework, which I hate!!) E-Z!

The E-Z Class
Miss E

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