Once upon a slime...

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping for a present for my cousin's now 5 year old.  He's super cute and totally loves Batman (made getting him a present quite easy!).  My sister and I went to The Warehouse on our way to the party and, being the magpie that I am, I was a wee bit drawn to the books.  Most of the teaching and learning books they have there are made for the younger kids, but this time I found something quite exciting!

This book here "Once upon a slime" is awesome!  There are (as the title suggests) 45 really fun ways to get writing... FAST!  You can find out about the author (Andy Griffiths) and the other really funny books he has written here.

Today we took the first lesson and tried our hand at writing funny comics titled "Bad mummy and the..."
The idea is to think about the opposite of what your mum or dad might say if you asked to do something bad (like feed a lion your chips, or jump off a cliff into shark infested water).

We tried our hand at some of these comics.  They are in pencil, so might be slightly hard to read.  Our Success Criteria was rather long (we like to stick to about 3), but it couldn't really be helped in this task.
1 - Use 7-9 boxes
2 - Think of a Dangerous/Silly thing to ask
3 - Discussion between parent and child
4 - Parent says yes
5 - Show us what happens
6 - Parent says "oops"
7 - Must be funny, but not rude/gross

Here are a couple that managed to finish their drafts today.  We might publish these if we get time over the next two weeks.

Part 1 - Bad mummy and the whirlpool
Part 2 - Bad mummy and the whirlpool
Bad  mummy and the jellyfish infested water at the bottom of the cliff.

Bad mummy and the market
It was a fun activity that definitely got us talking and telling stories!  We will have to make sure we do another one of the 44 activities that are left in this book in term 3.

Writing and oral language made E-Z!

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