Saturday Snapshots - On a Monday

Again I know! Late.  I have a good reason though.  Firstly, I'm on holiday!  Who really keeps up with the days when you are on holiday?  Secondly, I only took the photos on Sunday, and was too sore and tired to do anything last night.  You'll see why soon.

Firstly though, my amazing plan of getting a whole heap of $1 iPods?  Yeah it didn't work.  I was winning one auction at a dollar, and then the sneaky seller took my bid off and relisted it for $1000!!! Naughty! :(

Back to Saturday Snapshots with Run! Miss Nelson's got the camera - Arguably my favourite linky of all time.  Probably just for the fact it gets me actually using my camera for more than just school prizegiving!

Right so do you remember last week when I said "Mount Tauhara - If the weather holds up I might (MIGHT) climb her this week." ?? Well the weather held up so here is what we climbed yesterday.

It was only a 4 mile round trip, but it was straight up, and then straight down - SO IT WAS HARD.  It was the first decent walk I've done since getting really sick a few months ago, and my lungs still haven't forgiven me yet.  Legs, they're getting there, but I think I will be coughing for a few days yet. :(
Right-o, here are a few of the things we saw.  Sorry I had to pinch one of my dad's photos from the top. It clouded over before I could get a decent one.  

Photo courtesy of my Dad - This is Taupo from the summit of Mt Tauhara (with Mt Doom in the background)

On the way up - Lake Taupo

Further up - More of the lake

The bush we were walking through

From almost at the top

Just before entering the bush

So that was my Sunday.  I also went for a drive with my brother and Dad on Saturday so that they could go rock climbing in Kinloch (a bay round the western part of the lake).  But my brother forgot the rope.

Silly brother forgetting a rope.

Ollie the dog, and my Dad repping it for Oregon State! (My sister goes there :))

Adventurous weekend!  Might rest today before getting into planning for the next term!

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