Surprise trip to the orchestra!

At the end of each term we have a treat for those students who are awesome.  Normally this is a rotation based activity - such as a fun academic decathalon, or athletics day.  This term however, our deputy principal managed to score us some tickets to a show.  No one was privy to what the show was about so we were all in suspense walking down the road to the arena.  It was the New Zealand Youth Orchestra!
Kids in the pit

At the end a group of about 50 7-10 year olds who are just starting to learn showed us what they are learning.  They were AMAZING!!

A performer when they played "Pink Panther"

Our kids in amongst it hearing what the instruments sound like

They invited our kids on stage to hear what the orchestra sounds like from the stage

Sorry about the quality - she is having a go conducting

The first piece they played was William Tell Overture - The song I have as a clean up song.  The E-Z kids was really excited.

Our kids having fun

The E-Z class in the best seats in the house!

The whole school walking to the show

What an awesome way to end the term.

If you have any cool ideas for presentations - please link up on this post.  I'd love to get some fresh ideas on sharing back what learning has happened in our classes.  Remember, this can be ANY learning area!


Miss E

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