Team Teaching Tips - From Newbies who are just starting out.

I LOVE linky parties. I've only participated in a couple, but find it's a great way to hear about some things that are exactly what you are thinking about!

Today I'm going to link up with Courtney at Polka Dot Lesson Plans who has a team teaching tips linky going on.  Mrs Z and I have just started team teaching this year, and if I can offer any tips to help then count me in!

Polka Dot Lesson Plans

Right here goes I'll give my 2cents on the following areas.

Classroom Management
Seating arrangements

Classroom Management
Well we are quite lucky in that we have a school wide management system.  It is similar to some of the systems I see on Pinterest every now and again.  (Like this one only with different colours and meanings).  The kids change their cards down a colour when they do something wrong.  This works great most of the time because if they are sent to another teacher on an orange card, the teacher automatically knows the procedure.  Everyone is on the same page - including the kids.  We have also just started using Classdojo.  We are still in the wow this is exciting stage, so don't have a clear routine with it yet.  I'm not the biggest fan of having prizes either - mostly because I always forget to top up my prize box.  So the more intrinsic we can get the kids - the better!

This really goes hand in hand with the above.  At our school the kids are all split into 4 houses.  A bit like Harry Potter, except that there is no magic, and the kids don't sleep at school!  Our houses are based on 4 harbours in the Auckland area - Hokianga, Manukau, Waitemata, and Kaipara.  Each house has a colour, and they earn points throughout the whole year.  There are points for sports, behaviour, academics, and other things.  The winning house gets to go to the pools at the end of the year - for free.
We hand out points as often as possible, which works really well.  

I plan/teach/assess the literacy (reading and writing) and Mrs Z. plans/teaches/assesses the numeracy. 
We have 48 kids between us, and while it can be hard to get that many assessments done in a short space of time, some how we get it done.  I have a clear file with a tab for each kid on it that I keep all their assessments in.  There is a sheet at the front as well that I record their monthly results on.  It makes checking where they are against National Standards.  You can get it here - feel free to edit and use as you wish.  (If it doesn't work let me know and I will email it to you.)

Seating Arrangements
This is an easy one - We don't use them.  Our kids work in two different rooms, so the only way we make the kids sit is in their learning groups.  Depending on what subject we are teaching will depend on what room they are working in each day, and where they sit at any given moment.  This could all change next term, we are flexible.  I have never really used seating arrangements, except for those times when I've had a really hard class to manage.

I plan literacy, Mrs Z plans math, and we plan everything else together.  

So far things are working out for us, but as it's still our first year, we are DEFINITELY open to suggestions!

Thanks again Courtney for this linky!
Keep it E-Z!!
The E-Z Class

Miss E.

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