Tunes Tuesday! (and a very late Saturday Snapshots!)

I actually haven't looked forward to a Tuesday this much in a long time!  Nick over at Sweet Rhyme and Pure Reason has, what I would call, one of the best linky parties out there! I'm a big fan of using music in your programme in as many ways as possible - just check out my earlier post here.

So the idea is that people link up and share a tune that can be used to teach an aspect of grammar!  I think that I need some of these lessons too, as when I first linked up last week I said I'd do a song that taught personification. Yeah nah!  I'm actually doing a song that teaches metaphors - sorry about that!  I will take myself through a grammar course while I'm on holiday these next two weeks!

Right-o here is the song - "The World's Greatest" By R. Kelly.  I taught this song to our school and we sung it at prize giving last year.  If I can figure it out I will upload my class singing it when I get back to Auckland.  You can also access a copy that you can edit here.

So make sure you head over and find out what everyone else has done!!

Sweet Rhyme & Pure Reason

OK now onto something else I'm super excited about!  Head over to Saturday Snapshots with Run Miss Nelson's got the Camera!  

Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera

I've always loved photography - I've just never been all that good at it!  One of these days I will head off to a course and actually learn how to use my camera!  In the meantime, check out what I saw this afternoon.  I live in Auckland (1), but I come from Paradise (also known as Taupo, 2).

It's about a 3 and a half hour drive, and this is what I saw when I got home! 

Excuse the massive amounts of grass in the foreground - That is Lake Taupo

Mount's Ruapehu, Ngaruahoe, and Tongariro - The middle one is on Lord of the Rings (Mount Doom)

Mount Tauhara - If the weather holds up I might (MIGHT) climb her this week.

Kaimanawa Ranges 
Paradise :)

So that is my Saturday Snapshots on a Tuesday - because I'm all about breaking the rules!  Right - back to relaxing and enjoying my winter break... See ya next time!


The E-Z Class

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