Another Saturday Snapshots

I love taking pictures, and spend probably far too much of my life behind the lens!  Here is our linky for this week's Saturday Snapshots with Miss Nelson! (One of these days I will get in on Saturday!)

On Friday last week our school was launched as a Travelwise school.  This is an initiative that is run by the Auckland city council to encourage and promote students walking to school.  They work with schools to make the crossings outside schools safer so that parents feel more comfortable about letting their little treasures walk as well!
We had a heap of fun at our launch assembly, and here are some of the photos to prove it!

AND - we are now on instagram!  Check us out @theezclass.  Make sure to follow us!

The E-Z Class


  1. cute pictures. Link up anytime. Don't worry if you're late.

    1. Thanks! haha, I'll blame it on the time zone thing, I'm almost in Sunday before you even see Saturday so it's all good!



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