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Well I think I may have become a tad bit addicted to linky parties. But hey there are worse things right?!

Today's linky comes from The Teacher's Chair - and is all about sharing your favourite games!!

I've got a few.  And the best thing is - NONE of them require anything except you and your class.  (Oh and your brains of course!)
1. BUZZ (AKA Beep)
2. Word associations
3. Bang
4. Count up
5. 21

OK so I didn't say they had exciting names did I?

Buzz - A math game, teaches counting, skip counting, multiples, times tables (Can be used at ANY age.  I'm serious, you can use this game from NE-Y13!! (US Teachers, that's PreK-G12))
Step 1.  Stand in a circle.
Step 2. Decide on the multiple you want to count in (for younger grades count in ones, but have 2, or 3 as your multiple)
Step 3. Go round the circle counting up and every time you get to the multiple say "BUZZ" (or beep)
If you say the wrong number/don't say buzz/say buzz at the wrong time, you are out.  Sit down, start again, crown a winner.

Word Associations - Literacy, better for older grades.
1. Sit in a circle
2. Start with a word, go round the circle saying first thing that you think of when you hear the previous word.  Can be as crazy as you want, as long as you can justify it.

Bang - teaches nothing, a good fun game (good for beginning of the year when learning names)
1. Stand in a circle, with one person in the middle
2. Person in the middle says a students name - that person bobs down.  The two students on either side of the bobber point to each other and say "BANG"
3.  If person doesn't bob they are out, other wise the slowest shooter is out.
4. When down to 2 people do like in the wild west and have a quick draw on a specific word.

Count up - Good for team building
1. Start counting up from 1 to as high as you can go.  The catch - only 1 person can say a number at a time.  If two (or more) people say the same number you start again and they are out.  It's harder than it sounds, trust me!

21 - Another math game
1. Start in a circle (I'm seeing a trend!)
2. One person at a time can say up to three numbers (counting up)
3. Keep counting up, the person who says/has to say 21 is out
(There is strategy to figure out here, once it has been the game is no longer all that fun!)

Wow that's a lot of games!!

Have fun playing

The E-Z Class


  1. I have a fourth grade class and I keep bringing Buzz out for multiplication facts. Surprisingly how little they know them!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love Buzz, I actually remember playing it when I was at primary school myself!


  2. Thanks for the ideas! Love them.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I have a heap more games we use, so I might have to post again!



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