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I have nothing of my own to share today, so while we are well over halfway through the year I thought I would link up with Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week linky.

This is super fun, but is making me a bit jealous of all you teachers in America!! It is my dream to teach in the States, but it doesn't seem likely - I'll just live vicariously through ya'll!! (hehe one of my favourite words is ya'll)!!

So ten fun things about me!!

  1. I am the eldest of 5 kids. Here are a couple of photos of us through the years (We don't have a recent one as we have all been over the world the last few years)

    This photo (actually like most in our family) was taken at Christmas.  Dad was REALLY frustrated because we were annoyed that he wanted to keep taking photos - even though the first one he took was fine!  Hence his face. 
    Not the last time we were all together, but possibly the last time we were all in a photo together! This is about 5ish years ago.  Its the most recent one I have of us all atleast.
  2. I have several "other" brothers and sisters.  Several families from our church all meet together regularly and have done so for about 15 years now.  Their kids are my siblings, and the other adults are my other parents!  
  3. I'm a daddy's girl! Through and through!!! (To the extent that I take after his annoying traits too! (like getting frustrated at inanimate objects and the inability to throw something away!!)
  4. I am a bit weird.  In the best possible way!  I can wiggle my ears, and I laugh UNCONTROLLABLY at least once a week.  My sisters are weirder, but together life is hilarious (when we aren't arguing!!)

    Excuse the TERRIBLE hair, we were whale watching in San Diego - it was windy!!

    Mama and her girls!
  5. My favourite colour is GREEN - unless I'm in Oregon, in which case it is Orange (Go Beav's!). 
  6. I wanted to be a teacher before I started school.  I was homeschooled until I turned 7 and we moved from the city to a smaller town.  I have wanted to be a teacher since I can remember! 
  7. I play the piano and am a piano teacher too.
  8. I love photography - I prefer being behind the lens than in front of it!  Here are a few of my pictures from the Oceanside Pier that I took when we were there for our holiday last Christmas.

  9. I love creating things, and go through stages where I learn a new crafty skill.  At the moment I'm into crochet so that I can make some leg warmers (which would have come in handy today as it was FREEZING!!)
  10. I can never fill a "top such and such things about..." list.  I really can't think of a tenth thing!  Although I am sure I will after I post this!  OOO actually I just thought of one!  I am loving this whole blogging experience!  I love that I can share my thoughts, ideas and frustrations about teaching, and that there are wonderful people out there to give me feedback!  I'm so excited to get to 50 followers, that I think when I get there I might have a giveaway of some NZ goodies!  Candy, Honey, and some other awesome NZ only items (maybe I might even send the winner some Marmite!!! (hehehe)).  Share this around and as soon as I get to 50 I will put up a giveaway :)

The E-Z Class


  1. Hi Erin! I just found your blog and it was so much fun "meeting" you with this post! I loved all the pictures and facts! :) You are an awesome photographer. I always want to be but never have a good camera... (It couldn't possibly be ME!!:) I'd love you to stop over to my blog if you get a chance! :)
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

    1. Hi Carolyn!
      Nice to meet you too! I will head over and check out your blog this afternoon :) We're just about to start class for the day. Thanks! I love photography, but still have quite a bit to learn :)


  2. Nice to meet you!! You teach outside of the US? Where? I lived and taught in Honduras for a year! : ) and thank you for the Carrie comment! : )

    1. Hi Kandice! Nice to meet you too. I'm a New Zealander, and teach in Auckland New Zealand! My sister goes to Oregon State University, so we head over every now and then to see her. Any excuse to visit America and I'm there, if I can save up enough I'll head over again next year for her graduation. She's just started her senior year (or atleast is about to).

  3. Ahh, the joys of having a weird family. My family has three boys and two girls. We haven't been in the same room since my sister's wedding in 2000. Hard to do when we are spread the length of the Eastern Seaboard.

    1. Wow that is a long time! I'm glad it hasn't been that long for us, although my youngest sister only finished high school 18 months ago, so that time will come. Weirdness is a prerequisite to being family I think!!



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