Saturday Snapshots

Boom - I'm awesome!  I had seven things on my to do list this weekend, and I achieved 6 of them! In my defence the only reason I didn't go for a run is because it's been raining (and I'm lazy :P).

Here it was

And here is proof!!

Told you I was awesome!

OK now for something from the week.  Mrs Z found these awesome printable colouring pages with inspirational quotes on them.  We started them off on Friday and it will now be an early finishers task for the next little while.

For some reason I can't figure out how to simply copy an image from instagram, so join me in my frustrations at the technological world I find myself in!

As part of our school's learning about other cultures we had Tongan week this week.  It was really neat to be able to see yet another culture that is represented by the students at our school.

Finally, I took up a new skill last week - crochet!  I want to make some super cute leg warmers like these ones,
but didn't actually know how to crochet.  So I've started with a blanket!  I have a few friends/family members who are having babies in summer so this is what I've started with.  Since yesterday I've done the blue and some more green and white!

I really don't know what colours to do next.  Do I go Pink, yellow, blue again - or go backwards wit yellow then pink?? (keeping with the white and green pattern still)

SO that was my weekend!  Check out what others have done over at Run, Miss Nelson's got the Camera! and her Saturday Snapshots linky.


The E-Z Class


  1. That was a very productive weekend! I fit my runs in - no rain here. Maybe you could send some our way. :-)
    Grade 4 Buzz

    1. Well done you! I wont be going today after school either! It's been hailing on and off all day - FREEZING!!!
      Sending the rain now :)

  2. Love that app. You have been busy. When do we mail off slant boxes. I can't wait.
    Thanks for linking up

    1. I love linking up to Saturday Snapshots! By far my favourite linky. I will be sending my SLANT box off this week as it has to go halfway around the world, but I did see on instagram that we don't need to send them off until about the 25th I think. I think it's really exciting!!
      I couldn't live without a to-do list!


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