Sharing our Cultures

 The E-Z class is chock-a-block FULL of different cultures.  We (as teachers) love that our kids are so willing to share their identity with us.  While it can be hard for children to accept differences in their peers, growing up with so many different cultures around them will make them better global citizens in the future!!

Mrs Z has worked with the E-Z kids to create this amazing cultural display in her class.  There are aspects of so many different cultures represented here, and it will continue to be added to as the year goes on!
Our Flag at the top! Very patriotic :)
With the All Blacks flag right next to it
Harakeke (flax) woven flowers

Vuvuzela from South Africa
A lavalava from Samoa
A Kahoa (necklace) from Tonga
All the "leaves" were done by half the E-Z class and another class in the school
Maori tiki
Numbers in Te Reo
Learning to read numbers in Te Reo Maori with Whaea Megan
Learning how to read numbers in Te Reo Maori
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