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This week for my "Sometimes I wish..." I'm going to try and make write a scheduled post!  So if you see this on Wednesday night (NZ time, I'm guessing Tuesday night/Wednesday Morning for y'all on the other side of the world) I've done something right!! If you see if before, or not at all, well then I have some more learning to do.  I'd LOVE for you to link up and tell me something that you wish for sometimes.  It doesn't have to be school related, but then again...
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When I wrote this I was sitting in Time Out.  I wasn't in trouble, I was just manning the station!  Haha!!  No one came, so it was a chance for me to write up my to-do lists and get my head organised for the rest of the year!  So much to do, so little time.

So today my Sometimes I Wish... is this.  Sometimes I wish that parents realised how important they are in their child's learning!!! I've heard it said that it's a triangle, with the teacher, the child, and the parents making up each side.  And while that is true, I think that the parents make up the base of the triangle. Their involvement and support for what happens in class can ultimately be the reason why certain kids can do so well (and also so poorly) in school.  Mrs Z. talked about her experience with calling parents and the impact of behaviour her positive calls made in her post a few days ago called Whanaungatanga.  Well the same goes in the opposite respect.  When a family is really hard to get hold of it makes it really hard to keep the focus on learning.  That goes for kids that are and aren't a behaviour problem.
I wish that parent's realised that we actually need - and want - them to be involved.  Not helicopter style, but still involved.


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  1. I wholeheartedly agree! I teach at a private school with a stricter discipline code than most public schools. A lot of parents send their kids to our school to "fix" them when what they really need is loving discipline from their parents. So frustrating!

    Simply Sixth Grade


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