Sometimes I wish...

I have about 300 things on my to-do list.  And of those 300, at least half of them are important!
So as a way of procrastinating, and also seeing if I'm the only one, I thought I'd blog today about the things I wish for!  I'd love it if you would link up and tell me what your "Sometimes I wish..." moments are!

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So here are my "Sometimes I wish..." for today.

1.  Sometimes I wish... that the time between the kids leaving, and me packing up for the day would last longer.  I got into the habit of doing all my work at school in my first two years.  I had more than enough non-contact time as a beginning teacher to get absolutely everything done!  (The joys of working at a highschool as an intermediate teacher!!).  As the last 5 years since have panned out, I've had more responsibilities, and far more creative ideas that I just can't get everything done.

2.  Sometimes I wish... that I had the ability to teleport.  Okay so this one is a bit weird, but seriously, my classroom is on the other side of the school from the office, and there is NO cover!  When it rains, I get wet. It's not that I'm being lazy or anything, but it would be nice to stay dry going to get a cuppa at morning tea.

3.  Sometimes I wish... that the school day was longer.  Okay, so I'm probably the ONLY one who will ever say this, but with only 4.5 hours of actual class time a day, minus admin and other interruptions, I don't think I ever have enough time with my kids.  Like I said, no one is going to agree with me though.

I'm sure there are others, but I might save them for another time.

What do you wish???

The E-Z Class

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  1. Rats! I just posted before I saw this... Tomorrow's not too late, right?
    Grade 4 Buzz

    1. Haha, nah link up whenever!! I think I've left it open for a week.


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