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Well as we are 2/3rds of the way through the year (and nothing ever looks that great when you are in the middle of something) I've decided NOT to link up with the Teacher week linky today.  Instead I'm going to tell you my top favourite websites at the moment in my classroom - or ones that I've used at least anyway.  I hope you will tell me yours and link up below! I'd love to see what you use in your class.

1 -
My students are using this website to improve their vocabularies this term.  I love it for two reasons - firstly it helps them with their vocab, and secondly it helps children in developing countries to live!!! Every time the children get a question correct they donate 10 grains of rice to someone in need.  Talk about AWESOME!!!
This is a screen shot of what the website looks like and how easy it is to use.  The questions get harder as the students move up.

There are other subjects on offer too, but I haven't used them before.  I think they are designed more for highschool aged kids.

Other subjects on offer.
How do I use it?  Well the kids sit the test and as they answer a question wrong they write it (and the correct answer down in their books.  They then need to go and find one more synonym to show that they understand the meaning.  I don't necessarily think that this is the most effective use of the site, but it's how we are using it at the moment.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!!

2. - By far the COOLEST math site I've ever found.  You will need a log in for this one, but it is free for the most part.  If you want printable reports and tracking sheets you need to pay.  (You can also get sumdog English, and Writing, but they are only for paid members).  

These are the topics you can choose from
And the levels that the topics work through, there are 10 levels.  You can pick and choose the level/skills to target individual students.
You can set up lessons that target specific things with a specific group of students

3 - - This is one that I let the kids just have free learning time on.  I have never set a specific activity from here, but it is great because it has the levels from K-5.

This is what the opening page looks like

There are literacy games for each grade
And Numeracy games
There are also "just for fun" and holiday games too.

4. - Now I have to admit that I've not used this one as much since learning about SUMDOG, but I do still love it, and some of the kids who know about it still ask me if I will set up a page for them.  We just don't have enough time/computers to have this going as well! - But if you're kids have access to the internet at home then it could be a good homework task!
I didn't know this until I went and took some screen shots for this post but it is aligned to 4 countries Standards!! New Zealand National Standards, USA Common Core, UK Curriculum, and Australian Curriculum!!  YAY (although this is just for Math and English)
This site goes from year 0-8 NZ and Australia, and K-8 for USA.
You can choose activities from EVERY learning area, but most of the activities are found in the math and English sections.  There are different types of activities, from printables, to games.  Try it out!  My favourite part was the basic facts practice.

All the learning areas are covered

The different colours on the side represent the different grade levels

5. - I've blogged about this before (atleast I thought I had but I can't find the link!), but I really REALLY love kidblog! I love how my reluctant writers are writing in their spare time.  I love that my kids are reading their classmates work and commenting on it - reflection!!  Every child has their own blog and they are able to write on it.  Nothing is posted to the site until a teacher has reviewed their writing - which saves everyone from bullying.  I will try to find my previous post and link it up later.

Check them out, tell me what you think, tell me the websites you love too and link up below! I'd love to read what sites you use in your classroom!!  Share this around too.  


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  1. I'm going to bookmark this post! Thanks for introducing me to so many new websites! I'm going to link up this afternoon. :-)
    Grade 4 Buzz

    1. I'm so glad I've shown you something!! I can't wait to see what your favourites are!! Thanks :)


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