I'm EXHAUSTED. Like in every possible sense of the word - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - exhausted.

It's been a long, hard term, and I have NEVER been so glad to get to the holidays before in my life.

But I made it - it is now officially the holidays.  Two glorious weeks of NOTHING.  I have nothing planned, and I plan on doing nothing too.  Sure I'll go for a walk most days - once I'm given the all clear by my physio, and I'll see some friends, and I might try and develop that coffee addiction most teachers talk about.  For those of you in America, this is our "Spring Break" - it's just definitely not the kind of weather we would be heading to the beach in!

So here is what the week looked liked with my Five for Friday (on Sunday night).  Check out DoodleBugs Teaching to see how everyone else's week panned out.

We started out recycled art project last week.  I'm pretty sure I've not told you guys about it yet, but if I have sorry!! All the weeks are melding into one, especially since I've been absent from here for a while.
Anyway, the idea is that we have this MASSIVE, and crazy heavy, piece of wood - I think it's MDF - and we have painted it.  Next term we are going to use milk bottle and fizzy bottle tops to create a picture to represent our school.  Not exactly sure on what this will look like just yet, so watch this space!

Ok so this one is a bit old, but last week Rod Dixon came to our school as part of his Kids Marathon. Rod Dixon is an Olympic gold medalist in the marathon, and has also won the NY marathon.  He now lives in California promoting healthy eating, and living for children.  A film crew came and we were all on TV.  Check it out here.  If this video doesn't work you can watch it here.

On the last day of term we had our house competition.  All the kids dressed in their house colours (GO GREEN) and we had a tabloid afternoon.  The kids with me played musical statues while we listened to Footloose. Great day.

Hokianga! - We came a very close second

Waitemata - The winners on the day



Well the holidays officially started at 3pm on Friday afternoon.  So yesterday my BFF and I went out for lunch and commiserated celebrated the fact that we survived yet another term!  After the yummiest lunch I've had in a long time - we checked out the secondhand book store next door, then went to our/my favourite shop LookSharp.

Yummy Salad!!

Followed nicely by a cold glass of L'n'P (apparently if you combine 1 part coke, with 2 parts sprite you can get a similar drink)

Saw these books - It's amazing what publishers will print!

Then had a sword fight in the store before a shop worker came round the corner hehe

Just in case you didn't realise, it's nearly Easter... hmmm
Today I've had a great day hanging out at home.  I'm enjoying the slower pace of the countryside, and am looking forward to spending some quality time with my family and some friends!!

Who wouldn't love her!!  Ollie is an awesome dog.

I was so tired while driving home yesterday that this rainbow made me cry!  Along with the other 15 times throughout the 3 hour drive.

I love my parents place - the blossoms and tulips are all out and it looks amazing.
And now I'm going to share a Peek at my Week with Mrs Laffin's Laughings.  Yes I know I've already said that I'm going to do nothing, and while that is true there are a few things on my to-do list these holidays.

My holiday to do list
  1. Sleep in every day until at least 8am
  2. Go for a walk - if you feel like it
  3. Do some baking
  4. Have coffee with friends
Not very long, not very detailed.  Just perfect.

The E-Z Class

It isn't like me to not post for this long - And I promise that it was for a good reason.  I have just been so overwhelmed with life lately that I decided to take a techy break.  No blog, limited TV/facebook, I even was quite limited on instagram - which made the photoaday challenge I had going with Serena over at Magic, Mistakes and Mayhem kind of a non event! (well done on your win Serena!!)

I came home early today with the flu, and now I've lost my voice, so wont be in tomorrow either.  It's quite nice knowing that I can stay in bed tomorrow with my class covered already, but at the same time - those kids stress me out at the moment with their inability to cope with out me! Grrr....

Anyway - I'm back!  I'm pretty sure I'm ready to face life again, and with only 3 days until the holidays (of which one I'll be spending in bed sick, and Thursday is an indoor tabloids day), I'm pretty sure I can cope with everything again.  Hey two days isn't too hard right?

I'm looking forward to heading to my parents place on Sunday.  I'm heading to Taupo via Tauranga so that I can go to my Grandma's 90th birthday on the way.  She's such an awesome lady - at 90 she is still up and kicking it around the farm.  She has more energy than I have some times!!!
These holidays are really going to be relaxing and regenerating ones - something that is MUCH needed.

I'm looking forward to being refreshed and ready for the new term - which will be full on with end of year testing, and report writing.  I am in two minds about testing.  I hate the physical act of sitting and typing for hours on end, but at the same time, I love that I get to think about and see the progress my kids have made over the year!  I keep track of it throughout the year of course, but just seeing before and after numbers is the most incredible thing for some kids!

Anyway, enough of that, I'm going to continue my blob by watching Friends and then head to bed early.

See you later in the week when I promise to post something educationally school related!


The E-Z Class
I love it when learning opportunities fall in your lap unexpectedly!

Writing is a hard subject to teach, especially when there are so many genres that need to be taught, all with their own specific language features.  So when a real context for writing comes along, I snap it up!

Okay to set the scene - one of my kids is away at Health Camp.  He sent us a letter inviting me (as his teacher) to come visit on the open day.  I have been before to visit a child, and was really impressed by what was happening there!

Enter authentic writing opportunity!  I scrapped what I had planned for writing this week and changed things up at the last minute.  It is always easier to write when you have a real reason too.  And who doesn't like getting mail - especially when you are away from home and everything you know!

The letters aren't the most amazing, but at least they are real and we now have a base to build on!  Some of the kids even used the format to write letters to family members who are living away from where they are.

If you ask me, I call that a win!


The E-Z Class
OK trust me, I'm not about to rant - I'm about to MOTIVATE!!

I have always hated homework.  I never did it as a student.  I even wen to boarding school for my last three years of high school and managed to somehow avoid the compulsary 2 hour study time every night!  Most of the time I went to the music room to practice the piano - but I only had permission for that one night a week!
I was that annoying child that never studied and always got amazing results.  Grrr I hate those kids now! haha

Anyway - I'm linking up for the first time to this quite awesome linky - Spark students motivation Saturdays.  Except I'm doing it on Sunday! (As always).

First of all let me say thanks to Joanne, at Head Over Heels Teaching.  Your linky has provided me with many ideas through the wonderful bloggers who link up each week!

Okay let's make this quick - it's church time!

In the E-Z Class we give out homework each week - like most of you!  It's due Friday 9am (when school starts).  We then mark it together (and by mark I really me quickly check that it's done) and then give the kids a score between 0 and 5.  0 is for those who don't hand it in.  1 is for those who bring in their book, but really didn't do it.  5 is for the most amazing work and then there is everything in between.
Every Friday we have the computer lab and the library booked.  The incentive to bring in your book - even if you haven't done your homework -  is that you are only allowed on the computer IF you hand in your book.  
Once the students get 20 points they can cash them in for a week off homework.  They can accumulate these points and cash them in whenever they want.  

It worked pretty well this year! 

What motivational things have you got in store for your kiddos?


The E-Z Class
So I had high hopes of having a relaxing weekend, maybe go for a walk.  Do some baking, and just generally lax out.  It's been a busy couple of weeks!!  And I have so far had a good run.  It's now mid-day on Saturday, and I've done nothing.  I love that feeling.  I do have to go and get a WOF on my car - wish me luck!! The past 3 haven't gone smoothly...

So as I sit here getting my (late) 5 for Friday written, I realise that there are nearly 5 linkies that have caught my attention this weekend.  Oh why isn't the weekend longer so that I can spread these out?  I'm super sorry guys, but I'm gonna link up to all of them in this one post - And call it my 5 for Friday!!


Scrappy Guy's I remember when...
I'm so super pumped to be part of this giveaway!! When I got the email from Gary I was so honoured that he put me in the same league as some of the other AMAZING bloggers he has featured in this giveaway.  Can some one say AWESOME!!! So as part of his 100 follower giveaway I'm giving some NZ treats away to the winner.  If you didn't win my 50 followers giveaway, now's your chance.

So it's all about what it felt like when you hit 100 followers.  Well if the excitement I felt when I hit 50 is anything to go by - I can't wait!! Yes it's true, I'm not quite at 100 yet, but that's okay.  It's exciting anyway.  There are some other AMAZING prizes to be won, so head on over there and get entering people!!!


I'm excited to link up to the Budding Blogger linky over at I {Heart} Recess.  
The five questions to answer are!
1 - Why did you start blogging?
We started blogging as a class blog.  Then I (Erin) was supposed to go on a PD course about using blogging in the classroom.  Turned out that I was the only one that signed up so they cancelled the course :(.  However they did mention on the enrolment form that the course was designed for blogger users, or kidblog users.  I switched modes then, signing each and every kid up to the E-Z Class kidblog, changing this to one more for teachers.  

2 - What is your favourite subject to teach and why?
I love teaching writing.  I just don't like marking it!!  I think it is a subject that the kids can SEE their progress in, which makes them more excited about it.  I also love reading, so it's just a good fit!

3 - Describe your teaching style.
I'm very eclectic, I find it hard to stay organised/tidy.  BUT when I'm teaching it's all about groups.  I hate groups that are ability based, I like mixing it up and grouping kids across levels (not necessarily grades, just abilities).  In New Zealand it's called a Tuakana Teina relationship - where the kids are teaching each other, rather than listening to the teacher drone on.  I'm all about reciprocal teaching.  Besides which, those kids know more than me anyway!! 

4 - 3 interesting facts
1.  The E-Z Class is made up of two teachers.  Erin teaches literacy (and mans this blog).  And Zelda teaches Maths (and posts more on our Facebook page).
2.  I can wiggle my ears.
3.  I can't stand runny noses.  I can deal with blood and guts fine - but a runny nose is my kryptonite!

5 - Do you have a TPT store?
Yes, but I only have one thing in there - Go check it out if you want!
I will start making some things when summer comes in 93 days!  haha

3, 4, and 5!

Next up is my all time favourite linky of every week - Saturday Snapshots.
I don't have many this week, but I am excited because I finally have my camera back!!

Firstly, and let me point this out! My brother was jealous of me for the first time EVER this week.  He is a rugby player, and follows every game.  Last weekend the Counties Manukau rugby team won the Ranfurly Shield.  Go check my fan girl moment out here.  

Then on Thursday we had our X Factor competition.  Oh gosh I was about ready to pack it all in at the dress rehearsal!  Half the kids didn't know their songs, the sound gear didn't arrive until after school - so the kids couldn't have sound check or anything!  I had a bit of a meltdown cry about 20 minutes before show time.  But as they say "Bad rehearsal, good show!"  Well this was seriously the WORST rehearsal - But an AWESOME show.  Not only that, but the act that I was mentoring won!! Had nothing to do with me though, he was pure talent.  I'll try and find the video and post it later.
Getting ready to sell some votes!
Our winner - Singing Hallelujah
Two of my boys getting ready to perform
Most of our performers
2nd and 3rd place getters!! Such talent and they are only 8!!

Our Principal and the four awesome judges!

And just a bit of our classroom to end the world's longest, most rediculous post - While I was out on Thursday (first at a travelwise conference, then at the dress rehearsal) my kids did some really awesome work with their sub. They wrote some flip stories and we now have them displayed on our door.

I was aiming for a rhyme, but it was Friday afternoon and I was tired!

Right I'm out!

Have a great weekend.


The E-Z Class

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