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So last week I tried writing my five for Friday on the iPad because I went away. Epic fail - frustration at an all time high!!! Then the lovely Monica at Roland with iPads suggested I try "Posts". So here goes.
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Speech competitions!!
We had our class and school competition this week.  All the year 6 students were expected to write and present a speech about anything they wanted. I was really impressed with the quality and effort most of our students put into their speech!! Especially as they did most of the writing for homework.  I taught them basic structure, and gave them some clear guidelines on what I expected their introductions to be like, but the rest was all them.  I'll post later in the week about how I guided them to start their speeches because that was a really good lesson.  If I do say so myself!!!
Our year 5/6 team (with a few year 4's) supporting our speech makers [who are all sitting nervously on the front step]

The winner of the year 5 competition - with his prize!
Our overall year 6 winner, who will now represent our school at the zone competition this Friday!
I'm moving! I hate packing. Last year we went to America for Christmas, and I seriously threw my stuff in my suitcase, that I had bought from the op shop (thrift store) for $4 the day before.  I was still putting things in my bag and running around sorting things when my parents arrived at my house to head to the airport! So I am super glad that I am still flat ting and only moving my bedroom stuff and a few extras.  I think that when I finally have my own house I will stay there until I'm old so I don't have to move any more!

I started kickboxing classes this week - and after one class I'm hooked!! Seriously the most fun I've ever had exercising before. I'm doing a quarter marathon in November, which I'm a bit nervous about, so this should get my fitness up a bit more!

Our giveaway ended!! Now I know I said I'd announce the winner at Saturday snapshots, but I actually showed the winner by accident yesterday while writing a different post.  However the name that showed up was a different name to the name that was on the raffle copter app.  I just want to check that no one has gotten any emails or anything saying that they've won yet so that I can properly announce the winner!!! I'm super excited to send this package out, but want to make sure I don't send it to the wrong person.

I started writing this post on Friday nz time and now it's nearly Sunday, so once again I'm going to linky on up with my favourite "Saturday snapshots" with Miss Nelson.
My mum took my camera charger with her to America so I can only use my iPhone at the moment to take photos. Although I am actually quite impressed with the quality!
Okay so I fell asleep writing this post and now it is well and truly Sunday! Oh dear. I think I may need to do a few more scheduled posts to make sure I actually get linked up on the right days haha.

My brother's girlfriend's naughty horse Bert.

My crazy boys showing us how (not) to do a haka!!  That's a Friday avo for ya!!
Our reading wall! All but finished. I just need to tidy up the strategies part (which is the weird lopsided star thing in the middle)
And I'll finish with a photo of our pretty much finished reading wall. Writing to come later this week.

Here's to a week a little bit less stressful! Although I doubt that very much.  As for a verdict on "posts" -I like it! The only thing I can figure out how to do just yet it put a caption with the photos. I will go back to my computer later and do that.  I think that making it through this post has earns me a nap.  See ya later on!!



  1. Your post turned out great, Erin! I had that problem on my iPad when I was away - so I'm learning how to use Blogsy. How did you find Posts? Was it easy to use? Friendly?
    Grade 4 Buzz

    1. Hey Lisa!
      There are a couple of things you can't do - Add captions to photos, and I couldn't insert the linky buttons, but other than that it was really good! Easy to use, very simple design. You can also read your comments and other blog posts etc from the app too. I think I still prefer my computer, but it's definitely handy to be able to use the ipad too!!


  2. I love kickboxing too!! It is so addicting! My last Tried It Tuesday post was about my newest venture...karate! I love your "Books We Love" display! So cute!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. Oh Snap!! I should have said, it was a blog post from someone I follow who inspired me to take a look and see if there were any kickboxing classes around me. Just went back and checked your tuesday tried it and it was you!!! Haha Thanks for the inspiration/motivation!!!



  3. Thanks for the mention in your post! It's nice to see you tried Posts. I know what you mean about moving; that's why I've been in the same place for so long.

    1. No problem! I never would have found the app if you hadn't pointed me in that direction, so credit where credit's due!! Have a great week!!

  4. Love your pictures this week. Your kids looked cute showing off. I hope you have a successful move. I hate packing and moving as well. Loved the sunset photos and Bert.

    1. Yes they are rather cute! Thanks! Bert is a sweetie, even if he is rather naughty!!

      See ya next week - hopefully I'll have my camera back by then


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