Authentic Writing Opportunities

I love it when learning opportunities fall in your lap unexpectedly!

Writing is a hard subject to teach, especially when there are so many genres that need to be taught, all with their own specific language features.  So when a real context for writing comes along, I snap it up!

Okay to set the scene - one of my kids is away at Health Camp.  He sent us a letter inviting me (as his teacher) to come visit on the open day.  I have been before to visit a child, and was really impressed by what was happening there!

Enter authentic writing opportunity!  I scrapped what I had planned for writing this week and changed things up at the last minute.  It is always easier to write when you have a real reason too.  And who doesn't like getting mail - especially when you are away from home and everything you know!

The letters aren't the most amazing, but at least they are real and we now have a base to build on!  Some of the kids even used the format to write letters to family members who are living away from where they are.

If you ask me, I call that a win!


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