Five for Friday - and a big reveal!

Okay so let me get this out there first - I AM GLAD THIS WEEK IS OVER!!!!!

I have never been so glad to get to Friday in my life!

I'm linking up with a few different people to get these things out there.  Firstly with Doodle Bugs teaching for my Five for Friday!
And Miss Nelson for her Saturday Snapshots 

Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera

This week (really?!! This week has been crazy long, I actually thought this happened last week) I took the girls to a football tournament this week.  We came third in our pool match games which put us into the Championship grade for semi's and finals (the first two teams in each pool made it to the Premiership grade). After a long fought semi (which we won 3-0) and a tough final, we came runners up.  So proud of my girls for their sportsmanship and teamwork on the day!!
My girls with their coach!  It was great just being the manager - I could enjoy the game without having to know any rules!!

Perfect weather!  Look at those smiles :)

Getting ready for game 3 

So I was out of the classroom on Tuesday with football, and then on Friday (remember we're in New Zealand, so it's Saturday today) I took our champion speech maker to the zone finals.  She spoke so incredibly well!  The winner was a young boy who spoke about video games - and how they are good for you!  He was really convincing.
After the competition our school tradition is to take the winner (and the supporters) out for lunch.  We went to a cafe down the road and had hot chocolates and brownie.  YUMMY!!

Our entrant giving her speech on bullying.

We've been doing some learning with our local constable around how to keep ourselves safe on the roads.  Yesterday afternoon Constable Glenys came in and we had a really good lesson on how to keep ourselves safe when we are travelling by car, bus, or walking.
Excuse the messy classroom!
Doing a continuum on how safe we feel on the road.

Constable Glenys gave us an activity where we wrote on a puzzle piece ways to keep safe.

Here are some of our Traffic Worries

In groups of three the kids then put their puzzles together, discussing ways to stay safe.

No photos for this one sorry (I forgot), but I am one of the mentors for our school X Factor competition this term.  The semi finals were held this week and ALL THREE of my senior boys acts got through!! YAY talented kids!  I'm the only judge/mentor to have all my acts go through, I am a little bit excited about that!  I will try to video them singing this week and show y'all.  The finals are this week on Thursday, so lots of work will need to be done to get everyone ready by then.

OOO I found one!! The big sister of these boys (Who is now at the High School down the road) won last time.
THE BIG REVEAL.  And the third link up for this post!

The SLANT Box Exchange
Have you guys heard of the SLANT box link up that Jameson over at Lessons with Coffee has going?  Well every month you can choose to link up and she will pair you with two other people who you then get to know over that month.  Then you send out a box with some goddies in it to one person, while someone else is sending some love to you!
My matches were Mitzi at Cool Tools for Webbies who sent me the most AWESOME box ever (I'll show you some pics in a sec).
And I sent a package out to Tessa at Funnies in Fourth.  I haven't heard from her yet so I'm REALLY hoping that her SLANT box made it to her okay :).

Here's what the amazing Mitzi sent me!!
I'm feeling SOOOO incredibly blessed right now!

My sisters team is the Oregon State Beavers (Although from what I can gather they aren't much of a football team) She is a rower, so I'm all for the Orange!  I think I have two teams to support now!!
Super cute paper clips!!
Totally cute clipboard - IN GREEN!!!! YAY - totally using this on sports days.  GO GREEN (My house colours)
And then the super talented Mitzi made a cool poster on an app.  She sent me the details and I loved it!! 
Thanks so much Mitzi!  I think y'all are too late for this months SLANT box, but for sure make sure you head over to Lessons with Coffee and sign up for October's box.  You wont be disappointed, and it's super fun!!  Even if you don't have a blog you can join in.  Hey all you New Zealanders - make this your priority and sign up! I'd love to send some love around OUR nation too.

Wow super long post - sorry about that!! I'm off to email my September SLANT box peeps!

Have an awesome week.

The E-Z Class


  1. Erin these are some fabulous pictures. I loved slant box. I need to go do some blog stalking so I can get together the most awesome box. :)

    1. Thanks!! It's amazing what you can do with an iPhone right! I know I need to get my stalk on too!! I love the SLANT box - it's a great way to get to know other people!!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog and following! I, too saw that I was following you on Instagram but not your blog, so I fixed that as well! It sure looks like you had a busy week! I definitely have been wanting to check out those SLANT boxes, it looks like fun!

    Have a great week! :)
    Mrs. Johnson's Little Prowlers


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