OK trust me, I'm not about to rant - I'm about to MOTIVATE!!

I have always hated homework.  I never did it as a student.  I even wen to boarding school for my last three years of high school and managed to somehow avoid the compulsary 2 hour study time every night!  Most of the time I went to the music room to practice the piano - but I only had permission for that one night a week!
I was that annoying child that never studied and always got amazing results.  Grrr I hate those kids now! haha

Anyway - I'm linking up for the first time to this quite awesome linky - Spark students motivation Saturdays.  Except I'm doing it on Sunday! (As always).

First of all let me say thanks to Joanne, at Head Over Heels Teaching.  Your linky has provided me with many ideas through the wonderful bloggers who link up each week!

Okay let's make this quick - it's church time!

In the E-Z Class we give out homework each week - like most of you!  It's due Friday 9am (when school starts).  We then mark it together (and by mark I really me quickly check that it's done) and then give the kids a score between 0 and 5.  0 is for those who don't hand it in.  1 is for those who bring in their book, but really didn't do it.  5 is for the most amazing work and then there is everything in between.
Every Friday we have the computer lab and the library booked.  The incentive to bring in your book - even if you haven't done your homework -  is that you are only allowed on the computer IF you hand in your book.  
Once the students get 20 points they can cash them in for a week off homework.  They can accumulate these points and cash them in whenever they want.  

It worked pretty well this year! 

What motivational things have you got in store for your kiddos?


The E-Z Class


  1. First, thank you for such kind words and I'm so happy my linky has given you some ideas! That's exactly why I created it! :O)
    So...if those kids are really smart they'll put all kinds of effort into their homework to earn 5 points because after 4 weeks, they get to take a week off! Awesome motivator! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing and linking up Erin!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

    1. Absolutely!! And having the computer room every Friday is great because those that did their homework get to use the computers and those that didn't have to sit doing nothing for 45 minutes. (I know that that sounds like a waste, and they could be doing something else educational - but we found that it was easier to manage if they had to sit, otherwise they aren't really getting a punishment).
      Thanks for stopping by!!


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