Sometimes I wish... Sep 5th

This week has been TERRIBLE! I'm about ready to throw in the towel and say - I QUIT!  But I wont, because then I would have lost, and I don't lose.  Ever.  Period.

This week my "Sometimes I wish..." moment is this - Sometimes I wish that I didn't have to be quite so flexible.

I'm soooo over interruptions eating into precious learning time.  Sure the kids need to learn how to swim, and I really enjoyed taking the girls to the soccer tournament.  I definitely agree that road safety is something we should be teaching our students, and of course I'm all for singing and assemblies.  But seriously, where do you draw the line?!  I have not yet had a day in my class that has not had at least one interruption this whole term.  That has made me a very grumpy teacher.  I'm sorry kids!!

What do you wish.  I'd love for you to link up here and tell me all about something that you wish for!

The E-Z Class

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