And we're back!!

Holidays are officially over, and school starts in exactly twelve hours! Gosh better get writing so I can go to sleep.

Here's what we have planned for the upcoming week in the E-Z Class - check out Mrs Laffin's Laughings to see what everyone else has planned.

We are straight into testing as of tomorrow.  I have 54 running records (plus resits), 54 writing snapshots, 45 STAR tests, and 54 reading asstle tests to get done in the next 20 days. Some by the end of next week!  It's full on - we breed 'em tough though and these kids will handle it better than me!!
Along with that, Mrs Z has 54 Numpa tests, and 54 maths asstle tests to do aswell, and they have to be in earlier!

All 54 PROBE running records, photocopied and ready to go!
Thanks to some wonderful people on instagram I have finally picked one of our prizegiving songs, that I will start teaching tomorrow afternoon.  I love hearing kids sing, I just really struggle picking good songs to teach them!! 
We're gonna go with "Make a wave" by Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas.  I'm loving it and I only heard it for the first time today! 

We're gonna try something new to me this week in literacy.  Well it's kinda new anyway!! I have loved reading all about mentor sentences, and have really found Jivey a HUGE help.  
I even bought the book "Mechanically inclined: Building Grammar, Usage, and Style into Writer's Workshop, by Jeff Anderson".  It is very American (by that I mean it doesn't 100% fit in with the New Zealand way of teaching), but I am picking and choosing things that I love!!  I have stopped reading it just now, because I want to put in a couple good things to my programme at a time, and will make bigger changes in February when we start the new year.  
(As an aside, New Zealanders - it does fit in really well with what Louise Dempsey teaches, all about shared book in reading time. Just more on a grammar level.)
For those of you who haven't read this book - seriously what are you waiting for!! I got Everyday Editing too, but for the same reason I haven't read it yet.  I would have bought the third book, but there wasn't a Kindle version, and I'm not paying $80 shipping for a $20 book! No sir-e!!  I'll just get my sister to buy it for me and bring it back to NZ after she graduates in June hehe.

Right so what I was going to say is - we are going to give mentor sentences a real go this term!   We already have a shared text that is part of our reading programme. We've even done something similar, but not exactly the same in the past, but I'm excited about incorporating it into my writing programme too!!  Watch this space people is all I have to say!

I'm so sure that there are many other things we have on the cards for this week, but I can't remember - and I need to get to sleep.  My aim for this term is to be at school earlier, so that I can leave earlier!!


The E-Z Class


  1. Good on ya Erin! Good luck with the testing - I'm sure your kids will have improved heaps :-)

    Abby x

    1. Haha I got so confused! It says Matt, but then Abby wrote the message haha!!
      I'm hoping they improve! The two I tested today did, so that's a good start!!
      Hope your testing goes well too!!


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