Is there any body out there...

We've just been to the Ballet.  And by we - yes I do mean the E-Z Class (and half of the school as well).
The kids in years 3-6 (Grades 2-5) all got free tickets to the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company to go and watch their touring cast put on a range of performances.

As I was watching the kids I was thinking - those kids in the younger year groups are sitting so much nicer than mine.  And it wasn't even that they were, I think I'm just tired today!!  It got me thinking - I can't wait til I know what is happening next year!! I want to know who is in my class.  What I will be teaching.  Who is going to be in my teaching team!  All these things that I'm anxious to know - And we still have 6.5 weeks left of this year.

Is there anybody out there who gets like this too? Not that I'm sick of the kids I have now - I do love them - But I just want to know what is happening NEXT year already!!!

Maybe I'm the only weird one...


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