"Mr Wickam is sure to out swagger us all!"

Oh gosh - it doesn't matter how refreshing a weekend is, the first day back at school is always the hardest!

This weekend just been was Labour Weekend here in New Zealand.  We "celebrate" (??) it on the last weekend of October, rather than the first of September - which is great!  It is the last public holiday here in NZ before Christmas!

I headed down to Ohakune with three of my closest friends to spend the weekend catching up.  Two of them are also teachers.

We spent the weekend eating, talking, doing a little bit of walking, and of course we ended it with the obligatory Pride and Prejudice marathon - NOT the Kiera Knightly version mind!  Absolutely the only way to go is the BBC miniseries where Colin Firth plays Mr Darcy.

Here are some photo highlights.
Ohakune is famous for its giant carrot.

I'm not very good at selfies! - halfway through the forest.

Us just before saying our goodbyes!
Next post I promise to share something school related. 

Until then I'll leave you with this...


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