Slow down world!

Okay so yesterday I went to bed and it was the end of summer - today I woke up and it's October?! um say what? (for clarifications sake, New Zealand summer goes from December-February) (and also no I didn't actually sleep for the past 8 months).

Yes I remember every painful and joyful moment this year has brought.

  • I remember the sadness I felt when time and time again a child who was in my class moves to another school and is no longer sitting in front of me with those wide round eyes.  (or those glazed over ones, depending on the time).
  • I remember the excitement on their faces as we boarded the bus to head to camp at the end of February.
  • I also remember the sleepless nights at the same camp when I sat up in the camp kitchen making sure those kids were safe - and asleep (Oh how I remember that lack of sleep)
  • I keenly remember the devastation upon hearing about Mrs. S's death.  Someone who was more than a teacher to me, but was more like an aunt, mother, mentor, or friend.  Someone who I would turn to for advice, but also someone who told me off when I was doing the wrong thing - on more than one occasion in the 15 years I knew her.
  • I remember the stress of this last term.  Starting off on the wrong foot and never really gaining that ground back.  I remember feeling overwhelmed and like I was drowning under the weight of life - both teaching and otherwise.
  • I remember the joy on the kids faces as we played musical statues on the last day of term.  Joy in having fun and enjoying time together as a whanau (family) group.
  • I also remember the relief I felt at the 3pm bell on Friday.  
There are many other things I remember from this year, but with only 76.5 days left until summer break I remember that each moment is precious.  I want to spend the next 76.5 days treasuring each moment, especially those with the kids in my class.  While there are a few who will stay with me next year (we have a couple of year 5/grade 4 kids who were moved up into our class halfway through the year), most of these kids will go off to intermediate, and forget they are children.  They will grow up way too quickly over the summer and then they will be too cool to come and see their old teacher.  While I know this, and have experienced it all several times before now, I'm still looking to remember.  

I hope you will too


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