100th post!! There's a giveaway at the end!!

Wow 100th post! That is exciting!!

I wanna do a couple of things here
1 - Share some exciting news
2 - Show you what the E-Z class timetable looks like (check out TGIF's blog to link up)

First off!!! WOW am I sore!  Sorry this is really not school related - if you don't care for it, you can skip down!


Can someone say accomplishment!?!  I am soooooo not athletic.  I HATE running/walking. BUT I need to do it.  I have been injured for most of the last 18 months, so even getting out there and finishing was huge for me.  BUT I did it!  Totally slow time of 2:13 (ish) but I'm proud none the less.  A group of awesome teachers from my school did it with me - go us!!  And now I have a blister the size of Africa on my heel...
I'm not the most photogenic - but here is proof!! haha
At the start

Halfway through - at the turning point
At the end!! I finished!!!
Right next thing - We're back to school stuff now!!

I saw a crazy timetable on someone's blog and I was like "SERIOUSLY?" your school makes you sort your day into minute slots!  That's crazy talk.  So here is my schedule!  (My kids do get maths, but Mrs Z teaches that, and we swap groups at that time.)
I don't have time to make a cute graphic sorry - bear with me!

9am - school starts.  Admin things (attendance, money, lunch orders etc)  Kids are doing morning work/silent reading.
9:15-10:20 - Literacy.  I have to fit in guided reading, writing, and everything else into this time.'
10:20-10:40 - Fruit/fitness/plenary.  Our school gets extra funding from the government to have the Fruit in Schools programme.  Every child, and staff member, gets a piece of fruit every day!  And then we do fitness - depending on the time of year will depend on what this is.  Right now - skipping.
10:40 - Morning tea (kids get free time outside to play)
11 - Swap classes, teach the same thing as morning block, including 15minutes of silent reading.
12:20 - plenary
12:30 - lunch eating
12:45 - Tuesday/thursday - our kids have organised lunchtime sports.  Other days they have free time.  I have 2 lunch time duties (timeout, and year book)
1:30- 2:50 Changes every day.
Monday - school assembly then fortnightly team assembly.  Other weeks, just class inquiry
Tuesday (the first two blocks are a bit mixed up because we have The First Tee programme this term, so it is a literacy block)
Wednesday - Nga Toi - This means "The Arts" in Te Reo Maori.  Kids get to choose which arts they want to be in.
Thursday - inquiry
2:50 - Plenary/pack up/a game if time
3pm - Hometime.
Teachers have to stay til 330, and Monday/Tuesday afternoons there is a meeting.

Fridays - The times are the same, but we have reflection/testing in the first block, computers/library in the second block, and art/inquiry in the 3rd.

Wow - and then there are ALWAYS interruptions that come in, so things get shuffled around.
What does your timetable look like?

To Celebrate reaching 100 posts and the fact that I ran (ok walked) a 1/4 marathon today (I'm all about celebrating/giveaways right now) I'm giving away a $10 voucher to the winners choice of either TPT or Amazon.  Get your entries in, this is a great prize to win!!!

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  1. We just celebrated Halloween this week!

    1. Such a strange holiday!! We don't celebrate Halloween here really - but we do have Guy Fawkes! Tomorrow (Nov 5) is Guy Fawkes and there have been fireworks going off for the past two nights!

  2. Yea you! Congratulations! As one non-runner to another, I know what an accomplishment that is! I want to do a half-marathon in May and I am hoping to survive it - forget about the time! Huge big deal, and congratulations on 100 posts:).

    1. Oh wow all the best for that!! We were going to do the 1/2, but didn't get our entry in on time. I'm SOOOO pleased we stuck with the 1/4! That was hard enough!!!


  3. I loveee that fruit and fitness time! Such a great idea :)

    Thank you so much for linking up!


    1. I love it too! And it's great because the kids are guaranteed to have at least one healthy thing for food that day.


  4. Congratulations on your run!!! :) :)

  5. Congratulations. I survived Halloween - that's a big one. Also, I saw a shirt online that I thought of when I read this because I NEVER run. Shirt: I don't run. If you ever see me running, you should run too because something is probably chasing me.

    1. Thanks Heather!
      haha yes I've seen that quote before too!! It's a bit like that with me too... I love the feeling of accomplishment, but hate the activity...

  6. Congratulations! That is an accomplishment. You should definitely be proud:)



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