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I have sat here for a while trying to think of a clever way to write this blog post.  But I'm tired, the weather is hot, and really I'm just wanting to show y'all some photos!
I'm all about getting kids experimenting with different media - and I often let them have "free art" time on a Friday afternoon.  That's the plan for today!

On Wednesday this week two awesome things happened.  
  1. We FINALLY finished our recycled mural.
  2. The whole school went on a tour of the other classes looking at the art we have done this year.  
And so here are the photos I promised - I hope you enjoy!!!  For those who are in any country other than New Zealand - take off one to get what grade the kids were.  EG year 4 = grade 3, year 8 = grade 7 etc.

This is a TERRIBLE photo - but it is of our completed mural (except for the nails!).  Each section represents one of our teams here at school.
Year 3/4

Year 4 - Pop art photography
Line and Colour - Year 4 
Year 3 recycled art
Year 3

Sorry it's on the side, Blogger doesn't like me.  Year 3 - Rangoli designs

Chalk design - Year 2/3

Recycled image Year 2/3

Crayon and dye - Year 2/3

Year 2
Crayon and Dye - Year 2
"Eat a Rainbow" - New Entrants (5 year olds)
Chinese Lanterns - Year 2/3

Mural - 5-10 year olds

Mural - 5-10 year olds
Toroa (Albatross) sculpture - Year 7

Tui (Bellbird) Year 7

Piwakawaka (Fantail) Year 7

Recycled mosaic - Year 7/8

Recycled Sculpture - 5 year olds

Rangoli Art - Year 4/5
Montage - Year 4
Paintings based on Maori myths and legends - Year 3-6

Paintings based on Maori myths and legends - Year 3-6

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