Hey guess what?!!

As I write this, and procrastinate from my now overdue reports, it is OFFICIALLY 22 days until Summer!!

Oh my word that is exciting.  But did you know that the news gets more exciting than that? That countdown includes weekends!! So really, we are 16 1/2 days away from enjoying these long hot days. Lots of BBQ's, dinner by the lake, river floats, oh it's just heaven!

But I can't get ahead of myself!  Before that happens, I have a few things left to do.

  1. Finish these reports.  I've put them off long enough!  I had an unexpected extension on them because Mrs Z was away sick on Friday.  If she's not there I can't hand them in can I? hehe, so I have to get them done today.  If only they could be done by hand - I'd take them to the beach and do them in the sunshine.
  2. Move classroom.  Oh this is exciting news!  This year we had to try and team teach in two different classrooms.  NOT FUN I tells ya!  So because we did such a good job (well that's what I'm telling myself anyway) we are being moved into two classrooms that have a door between them.  And they're bigger!  SOOOO excited.  That move is either happening this week, or next. I can't wait!!
  3. I still have a whole lot of learning to do with these kids!  They are not ready to go off to intermediate! (At my school, most of our kids will stay here.  We go right up to year 8 (grade 7). Maybe it's just me that's not ready to say goodbye?  
So this is what we have planned this week

Monday - Mrs Z is doing a really neat project with our kids, where they are making a pencil case out of some old jeans.  They are learning some sewing techniques, and decorating them too.  Project runway - pencilcases by 11year olds edition!!

Tuesday - First tee again!  I love when Coach Kevin comes in, he is really good with these kids, and they are learning so much!  

Wednesday/Thursday - More learning.  Oh gosh the week is going to go by so quickly!!

Friday - firstly, I have to send the year book off to the printers today... Not sure if that's going to happen on time!  Secondly - We're going to spend the day at the pools!  I am so excited for this!!!

Right, so that's a little sneaky peek at what is going on in the E-Z Class this week - head on over to Mrs Laffin's Laughings to see what everyone else has in store.  And while you're there, check out her giveaway!  I don't really want to share this, because I want to win!  But you could win some of her Reading Genre Brag Tags by checking out her post!!  OOO  but I hope you don't, because I want to win!

The E-Z Class


  1. I officially was confused when I read your post. I link up with Mrs. Laffin each week. We are both from Wisconsin where it is COLD! 9 degrees COLD! So, when I saw it was summer break soon for you, I was jealous, then confused. New Zealand , awesome. Love your art lessons, I will pass it on to our art teacher. My countdown it for Wednesday, Thanksgiving break! Enjoy your break!


    1. Haha - you'll get your turn! We will be halfway through next year when you guys go on your holiday! And I think your summer is longer than ours? We get about 6 weeks.
      Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to head over and check out your blog now :)

  2. I am seriously jealous of your upcoming summer as well....but I know that we will get our turn again. Enjoy and thanks for linking up!

    BTW -- You are a "no reply blogger" so your email address doesn't show up when you comment on another blog.

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. Oh that's so annoying! Thanks for letting me know - I think I've fixed it now :)


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