It's 2pm on Saturday, and I've not done anything yet...

It MUST be the middle of term 4.

Term 4 really has a way of taking a sledge hammer to your knees, and then laughing maniacally when you're doubled over in pain.   Or exhaustion?

Soooo close to having my reports done, and really I COULD do them today - but like I said, I'm doubled over in "pain".  So I'm spending the day having some much neede R'n'R - maybe I'll get up soon?  Probably not.  I think I'll just spend the day in my bedroom, only leaving for important jobs - like getting some chocolate.

I'm a bit late for both of these linkies, but hey I'm past the point of caring right now - y'all are lucky to even see me! (well actually to be completely truthful, y'all are lucky to NOT see me!! I am a mess.  But that's what a day in bed will do for ya.)

So without further ado - here is my Five for Friday, with Doodle Bugs Teaching

I love that Erin over at Miss LifeSaver has a thankful linky going on this month - come on guys, head over there and link up would ya!!

I said I'd be a little bit less serious this week, so here you go.

  1. I'm thankful for Frozen coke.  I SOOOO know that this is NOT something that I should be consuming - but sometimes when the weather is hot, and you're sleepy tired, a frozen hit of sugar is just what the (soon to be fired due to malpractice suits) doctor ordered.
  2. I'm thankful for sporty kids!  This coming Tuesday I'm out of the classroom heading to an Athletics tournament with 45 of my year 4-6 kids (g3-5).  I love that they are so sporty, and that I can take a break from all the paper work that gets piled up this time of the year!
  3. I'm thankful for chickens.  Okay - so strange call?? Yeah maybe, but I love eating chicken, and I love egg.  So I'm thankful for chickens.
  4. I'm thankful for my awesome friends, and work mates, who dropped what they were doing earlier this week and prayed when I asked.
  5. I'm thankful for my new church.  I love that after 3 years in this city I've FINALLY found a home.
Ok so I got a bit more serious towards the end - I've just had a thankful week :)

One of the best things about team teaching, is being able to share the load when things get hard.  I can now share why we are no longer the E-Z Class - and why I'm heading off on this blogging adventure as "Learning to be Awesome."
Mrs Z - one of the most amazing teachers has landed an awesome new job at a different school.  I am so not looking forward to losing her next year!  She has been so great to team teach with, and I have learnt SOOOO much from her.  I am 90% sure that I will still be team teaching next year, the scary thing is though that we don't know who that teacher is!! Hopefully within the next two weeks we will find out.
ANY way, this week we have taken turns to have all the kids so the other one can have some release to start packing (or in my case get some head road in on those jolly reports.  I wonder how many of my parents will actually read them??).
This one is kinda related to no.2.  The weather has been AMAZING this past week.  Which has made life easier having 50 kids in a tiny room.  I've let the kids work outside on their learning tasks, which has been super fun.

This Tuesday our team went off the golf range and had the trip part of our First Tee experience.  I appear to have forgotten to take photos of the kids actually playing golf however.

While we were there, the rest of the school was involved in Jump Rope for Heart - a skipping based fundraiser for the Heart Foundation.  We arrived back just in time to see everyone showing off their sweet skills with the rope.

This group of amazing kids are the most patient in the WHOLE world I am sure!!  About 2 months ago they won a pizza party as their reward for begin the best learning group in term 3.  Turns out it's hard to make it literally across the road to get pizza!! And they didn't complain once the whole time they were waiting!! Love it!  

Right I've done enough work now for one weekend!  I'm going to go and get something to eat and then maybe catch up on "Hart of Dixie."  I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong country - any one wanna swap?

The E-Z Class


  1. This may be a dumb question, but when you say frozen coke... do you actually put it in the freezer? Doesn't it explode? Also, I just had a moment of nostalgia when you mentioned Jumprope for Heart. I totally remember doing that in elementary school. Awesome!!! Thanks for linking up again! :)

    1. Haha, oh gosh no - Frozen Coke is like a slushy, you can get it from Mcdonalds, or Burger King here in New Zealand. You can get other flavours too - but I'm a fan of coke. My teeth and waistline don't agree though :(
      I know I did Jumprope for Heart too when I was a kid!! We did it differently to these kids, but hey I'm pretty sure you can do it a whole lotta different ways!

      See ya next week!

  2. I think it is Term 4itis! It is happening for me too! At least you are further ahead with your report cards than I am!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. Oh Term 4. How we both love, and despise you with equal measure all at the same time!! I've not done any writing on them for a few days now... So I'm guessing you've caught up!!
      Thanks for stopping by Alison!!



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